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Super fun to ride. Not fast in stock form but you have such a good time riding that it really doesn’t matter, plus there is a growing supply of aftermarket parts you can tap if that’s your thing. If you’re having trouble deciding if the extra $$ is worth it for the Segway over the Sur Ron consider that you can have this in a week instead of two months from Luna, and it comes with better hardware.


Had it shipped to me within I think 5 or 6 days of placing order. It's always scary doing big online purchases and the fact that they wanted me to feel secure forking over that much money sat well with me. Then he came through as he said he would with exactly what he said he would. Check in almost daily and even asked how I like it afterward. I will do business for pev's with them in the future if they have what I'm looking for. The x260 is really cool and classy looking. Thanks Chad and BuilteBikes!


Pondered this purchase for a very long time, finally pulled the trigger and 100% worth it! Ebuiltbikes had the Segway in stock and actually answered calls for questions. VERY PLEASED! Do not hesitate to buy one!

Jamison Stachel

I had been looking to get a Segway x260 or a sur ron x for about a month. This was the only place that had them and continues to have them in stock. Customer service was great for any questions or concerns I had. If your looking for a quiet ride for dirt trails or commuting that still as enough power to make riding fun and enjoyable this is a must buy. This bike is very versatile and has a great community behind it.


Hi. I'M 43y/o and have held a M1 licenses for a quit a while. I was looking for something to zip around my property That was light. Quick and fun. The x260 is all that and more! Quickly becoming my go to for fun ride and that beets out my dualsport and my onewheel xr. This bike is worth every penny and the community that surrounds it is huge and helpful. Buy it you won't regret it.

Shawn Olson

I purchased a red segway X260 after looking at the surrons for a couple years, I liked it so much I bought a second one within a week, now anyone can go ride with me

Chris Alleman