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EXT Arma Rear Shock SurRon Segway

by EXT
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Original price $1,150.00
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Engineered with performance and control as primary objectives, the shock structure has seen a redesign in order to be more robust. The Hydraulic Bottom-Out Circuit (HBC) has been enhanced with a wider range of adjustment, in order to prevent bottom-out issues, while allowing riders to use softer spring rates and providing excellent support and end stoke characteristics.

The Arma includes the following features

4 way adjustable: LSC-HSC-LSR-HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-Out Control)
High flow 29 mm main piston
24 mm valve piston
14 mm shaft (50% larger than most other coils on market to help deal with large side loading events)
Engineered rebound circuit to separate bump and rebound oil flow - Ultra low-friction coating
User adjustable HBC technology
Very low reservoir pressure for maximum sensitivity and low cavitation(55 PSI)
Full custom hydraulic setup that is bike and rider specific for each shock
Very low hysteresis for high dynamic response
High turbulent flow for progressive dampening and mid stroke support
Low friction seal
Thinner bottom-out bumper and debris clearing washer
New low profile rebound knob for easy spring swap
Included with 1 light weight spring available in 450lb, 500lb, 550lb or 600lbs (Lower options may be available upon request)
Comes with Sur Ron specific mounting hardware for easy bolt in instillation.

Spring Guide
Rider Weight Spring
to 180 450
180-210 500
210-240 550
240+ 600
Note: This table is a general
guide. For firmer or softer preference
select a spring weight above or below.
Feel free to contact us with questions.