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Gotway Monster Pro 3600Wh 100V

by Gotway
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The Monster Pro is, quite simply, the "most" wheel you can get. It has the most range, the most speed, the most tire, the most headlight power, you name it. Save for a few exceptions, the Monster Pro has the most of it. This is the perfect wheel for those who want to ride for as long as possible without recharging, especially for speed riding. And, much like its predecessor, the Monster, this wheel will provide the best seated riding experience available due to its perfect ride height and massive tire that will eat up any terrain you can throw at it.

With one of the highest free-spin speeds of any wheel available, some have speculated that the Monster Pro is capable of reaching or even exceeding 50mph. Not only is it the fastest, but it will feel the most stable at high speeds as its massive tire and over 70lb weight keep the wheel planted at all times. If you want to go as fast as possible for as far as possible, there's no better option than the Monster Pro.

Four of Gotway's 900Wh 21700-type battery packs can take this wheel well over 100 miles when cruising at moderate speeds. The Monster Pro's battery size dwarfs all other wheels, even Gotway's own ludicrously long-range EX, which houses only three of these packs. Riders who have or are considering multiple wheels for the sole purpose of being able to ride all day will love this wheel, as you'll never even have to think about heading home to recharge.

Like other larger Gotway wheels, the Monster Pro supports an optional factory seat to allow for seated riding. While this can be a different experience than normal riding, many love how it allows your feet to rest during a long ride. Seated riding can also help conserve battery at high speeds, since you'll be taking up less area and thus not have to fight as hard against wind resistance, which is a big power sucker above 30mph.

Battery: 3600Wh, 100V

Range: ~80-100 miles*

Motor: 3500W nominal, peaks much higher

Top Speed: ~45+mph*

Safety Warning System: Alarms & Tilt-back (configurable in app)

Built-in Handle: Retractable trolley, anti-spin lift sensor

Lights: Powerful dual Nikola-style LED headlights, front & rear RGB animated LEDs (configurable in app)

Speakers: Built-in high volume drivers with streaming Bluetooth music playback


Gotway wheels are supported by the Gotway App available for iOS and Android. Take a close look at your stats in real-time such as battery charge, voltage, internal temps. Choose your ride mode and pedal calibration, upgrade your firmware, and see what other Gotway riders are up to around the world.