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Cycleboard Rover 27 MPH, 40 Miles Range, 30% Incline

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Color: Gunmetal Grey / Burnt Orange


The all-terrain electric vehicle you’ve been waiting for, built to withstand the rigors of daily use in mixed terrain environments, including full suspension and larger 10” pneumatic tires for vibration absorption and a softer ride feel. Powered by a mighty 60v 1800w brushless silent rear hub motor with 41Nm of torque and an 1152 watt hour battery, choose your favorite speed mode and get ready for thrilling acceleration, faster top speeds and longer range cruising. Responsive brakes combine hydraulic with electronic braking for complete control and smooth braking. CycleBoard Rover’s 3-wheel, intuitive lean to steer design with patented linkage system (PLS) offers the ultimate experience in steering and stability and the freedom to explore any terrain in an exciting new way

“Its worth every dollar. Fast, exciting, and very stable. I can run it through the same trails I ride my MTB. Truly One of a kind!”

"Love it! Any age or ability with enough practice can master a cycle board safely. I’m 52 this is my second board."

"Love it! Any age or ability with enough practice can master a cycle board safely. I’m 52 this is my second board."

"Rode my Rover for the first time today and it is worth every penny. Easy to ride and more powerful than I expected."


Built for the Road or the Trail

Wherever you want to go, the Rover will take you there. Perfect for paved roads or mixed terrain, the powerful 1800w motor, all-terrain tires, long range battery and full suspension are just what you need to tackle any environment.


A Beast Like No Other

Built with the power of a personal sized Humvee, the Rover's intuitive lean-to-steer technology matched with the power of its mighty battery & motor make it the ultimate off road machine. Take it anywhere, anytime. Without Limits!



Foldable Rover Hero




60V 1800W

Motor Power

27 MPH

Top Speed


Hill Grade

The CycleBoard Rover uses a 60v 1800w direct-drive brushless hub motor. Near silent,

this motor provides significant torque for the hill climbing and rapid acceleration for

riders to quickly get up to full speed from a stop and will reach 20mph in 4-5 seconds. Choose from 1 - 5 speed modes on the handlebar display to manage speed to match your riding environment.

40 Miles

Per Charge

6-7 Hours

Charge Time

1152 Wh


The CycleBoard Rover battery pack contains 96 lithium-ion cells for 1152Wh of energy. That's a lot of capacity which is why you can ride up to 40  miles on a single charge. We design and build batteries using genuine LG MH1 and Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion battery cells on the market. A quick swap battery design lets you charge your battery in or out of the vehicle.