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Many Dirt Bike/ATV/eBike owners have begun getting their OHV’s registered for street legal use. A requirement for this is having turn signals, as well as working taillights. This kit includes a plug and play harness with no modifications required. This will add functional turn signals for the front and a integrated turn signal, taillight and brake light for the rear, as well as mudflap and license plate light. By utilizing LEDS throughout the kit we have been able to minimize draw added to the 12v system to ensure there is no noticeable change to range.


* Plug and play turn signal kit with everything needed for install

* Designed to keep the attractive aesthetics of the your rides styling while meeting state requirements for on-road use, this is the only minimal kit of its kind on the market.

* Front turn signals double as bright Running Lights

* Extra wide mudflap, license plate can be attached to OEM bracket

* License plate light included

* Headlight switch included, when headlight is on off position, brake light, and signals are still functional, although running lights will be turned off


Street Kit V2

* Light weight

* Plug and play

* Connectors are small (easy to manage)

* IP67 waterproof

* Comes with extra wide mudflap

* Adapter for stock and aftermarket lever included

* Sequential turn signals

*Increase your visibility and alert your riding friends of your next move

*RGB and White LED Strip Included for V2