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Segway X260 Electric Bike 74.6 mi range 46.6 miles per hour

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The Segway X260 is based off the Surron X and is no longer being made, please visit the Surron X  page to purchase. Description Segway...


The Segway X260 is based off the Surron X and is no longer being made, please visit the Surron X  page to purchase.


Segway Dirt eBike is an eco-friendly electric-powered dirt bike that has superior off-road performance. Build to be a performance electric dirt bike for all user types, Segway Dirt eBike is easy to learn and master, compact, lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable.Off-roading is Now More Electric Than Ever, the First Electric Dirt Bike by Segway. The SegwayDirt eBike makes it possible for more people than ever to participate in exciting off-road adventures that they could only dream of before. The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear.


Fast-Charge, Long Lasting Battery Capacity

The fast-charge battery takes only 4 hours for a full charge and delivers 74.6 miles range in one single charge. Swappable batteries will take your adventure even further

Great on Tough Terrain

With an IP 67 grade waterproof lever and an aluminum alloy body with heat dissipation, this eBike can conquer all off-road terrains. The Field Oriented Controls stabilize and adapt to your riding habits.

Unleash in Seconds

Unleash your full capacity with a peak torque of 23.6 ft*lb with maximum of 5400 rpm that operates up to 356°F. Acceleration goes from 0 to 31 mph in only 4.02 seconds

"Turn-key" Data Connection

The Segway-Ninebot App is available for riders to track their riding stats and route. Two riding modes are available to suit the needs of riders at different levels. Sport Mode is for those craving for speed and EP Mode for those need for range.


Front: Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable), Rear: Multi-link hydraulic spring central type, Rear Shock Absorber Travel: 3.3 inch (85 mm adjustable)

Drive System

Primary: HTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm), Secondary: 420 chain with 106 sections


Front wheel mechanical drum brake. Back sheel regenerative electric brake. Simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steerability. IPX5 water resistance.


Front-facing lights are designed with 2.5w high-brightness LED light to illuminate the path ahead of you and increase your visibility to others around you. Disclaimer: for your safety, please try not to to ride at night


70/100-19 off-road tire - Shock absorbing for comfortable riding, Improved control and handling, Suitable for all terrains