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Brand: King Song


* 16 x 3 inch tyre, Dual Charge Ports, Dual USB ports for devices, Bluetooth stereo speakers, Retractable trolley handle,

Details: The KingSong 16X electric unicycle is the new 16 inch wheel by KingSong. The KingSong 16X has been redesigned to boost performance, offering a larger battery of 1554Wh, a more powerful 2200W motor (max output 4200W), higher pedals and a thicker 3 inch tire. These changes will offer improvements in riding comfort both off-road and at higher speeds onroad. The 16X has upgraded control boards with 4 layers, TO-247 MOSFETS to provide high performance to the new 2200W motor. It also utilises a turbo fan that self-adjusts it's speed according to the demand and temperature of the MOSFETS. The KingSong 16X comes with 4x 5W stereo speakers plus a 20W bass speaker to improve the quality of music that can be played via bluetooth connection. Two separate charging ports along with two USB ports are also included to improve charging of the 16X and also for plugging in mobile devices for recharging.