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  • High Amp battery for Sur-Ron ebikes
  • Molicel P42A 21700 cells, THE BEST!
  • Up to 22 KW Power Configuration
  • 300 amp ANT BMS with Bluetooth, excellent BMS Bluetooth with phone app
  • Custom professionally manufactured metal case
  • Metal Powder Coated Case
  • Black Powder Coat
  • Cells are spaced adequately with proper cell separation
  • Laser Cut Nickel Sheet Construction for efficient high current transfer
  • Drok waterproof display with temperature gauge and volt reading with push of button
  • Wake BMS button, BMS/Battery can be turned off and activated with push button that is integrated into the case.
  • Spot welded using extremely high end machines, Sunstone spot welders
  • Fish Tape, Strapping Tape, Kapton Tape, Neoprene padding internal construction
  • Multi level Nickel construction for high amp demand and 8 gauge discharge wiring
  • Fits stock battery compartment of the Surron with provided extension bolts.
  • All batteries are built by hand in America using extremely high end equipment and manufacturing procedures. We do not build batteries with hobbyist equipment.
  • 1 Year warranty because we believe in quality and customer support. This covers failures due to inadequate construction. This does not cover normal battery degradation from usage over time and any abuse outside of normal wear.