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Gotway MTen3 - 10 inches Performance Unicycle with 22 mph max Speed 460WH 84V

por Gotway
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- Lift motor suppression button, for carrying up stairs or curbs
- Uniform set of black side pads to match the new shell design
- Fitted with larger set of pedals
- LED light scheme changed from rainbow pattern to default white (the panels give the effect of a deep purple). Lighting modes can be changed through the App.
- Improved tire, fitted with a tube-there's Pros & Cons to going with a tubed tire

What Makes the MTen3 Unique:

1. Power to Weight ratio: at only 22lb, this Wheel is tiny, but don't be fooled by the diminutive size; within this tiny body, there lies a lion's heart! With 40x 18650 cells in the 512Wh configuration, or 32x cells in the 420Wh pack, & a 800W motor, no other small sub-14″Wheel comes anywhere near to these specs;
2. Speed & torque: the motor supports a max speed of around ~23MPH (with the 84v type). On this smaller motor, this Wheel has a lively sense of zest about it, quick off the dime & handles inclines surprisingly well;
3. Convenience: in the folded position the Wheel is extremely compact, at only 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height). It is really the only Wheel that can convenient fit in a standard rucksack, or unobtrusively under a car seat;
4. Atmospheric LEDs: a nice visual touch while riding in the dark, also improves awareness to those around you while riding in low light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

* I really like the new look but already own a White MTen3, can I purchase new shell/pad kit?
Yes, we will have these available to purchase as a complete set for $110
* The MTen3 is only 10″ Wheel, is it really practical to use as a 'Commuting' Vehicle?
Don't be deceived by the diminutive size of the MTen3; this machine packs more of a punch than many larger 14″ Wheels, such as the King Song 14D & Inmotion V5F. It may not be suitable for every terrain, especially dirt trails, or pot-hole ridden roads, the small tire diameter tire may struggles on uneven surfaces.
* Are there different battery sizes available?
Yes, we are offering both the 67v/420Wh & 84v/512Wh battery packs. Each of these has the same tried-and-tested Panasonic GA 3.5Ah battery cells: the 420Wh is configured in a 16S2P 32x cell arrangement, while the 512Wh has an extra 8x cells 20S2P, @ 84v
* What are the advantages of the 84v vs 67v types?
The 67v offers the best value-for-money, if you do not anticipate exceeding speeds of ~20MPH. For an average 170lb Rider, cruising at 19MPH, the standard energy consumption is about 25Wh/mile; with the 67v/420Wh variant, this has an expected range yield of up to 17 miles. The 84v/512Wh has an extra 4 miles of range potential & has a higher top-end speed of ~23MPH (battery level dependent) vs ~20MPH on the 67v type.

* What is the recommended max weight limit for this model?
Manufacturer weight limits are recommendations, rather than hard-and-fast rules. The component that is subject to the highest point of stress on this machine is the axle. While axle metal fatigue fractures are uncommon, they are a risk for Riders over the 220lb limit.
* What were the reasons Gotway decided to change from a tubeless to tubed tires?
The tubeless tire required a special valve extension to add air to the tire, which some Owners struggled with. Additionally, it was found that the required sealant to keep a seal between rim & tire was causing corrosion on the motor over time. One other benefit of tube tires is that they can be used in a larger pressure range.
* Can I use a rapid-charger with this model?
Because of the limited number of battery cells in paralle